Tata Ace XL

Tata Ace XL Overview

Tata Motors introduced the iconic Tata Ace in 2005 which soon became the No. 1 selling Mini Truck brand in India and still continues to rule the Indian roads with 16 Lakh Tata Ace sold in last 11 years. Tata Ace popularly known as Chhota Haathi has upgraded the lives of many entreprenuers who have based their trust on it. Come 2017, this popular Chhota Haathi has metamorphosed into TATA Ace XL. TATA Ace XL Mini Truck comes with a 15% longer loadbody compared to Tata Ace which makes TATA Ace XL backed with years of Reliability, Durability, Versatility, Safety, Comfort and the largest loading area a winner leaving other mini trucks way behind.

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